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MRC responds to KKK fliers in Ocean Springs

KKK Flyer Found On Driveway

“Lea Campbell, of Mississippi Rising Coalition tells News 25, “I just think that the KKK and all of these other hate groups are just cowards. And it’s our responsibility as citizens who disagree with them to call it out when this sort of thing happens. ”

The hateful words inside the flyer just solidified both Campbell and Myatt’s resolve to make the ocean springs community and the State of Mississippi a place where *all* types of people feel welcome.”

MRC co-hosts vigil to honor victims of Orlando shooting

“We will not remain silent in the face of injustice,” said Errol Montgomery-Robertson, pastor of Lighthouse Community Church in Biloxi. “We shall overcome. We shall choose love, and we shall choose life.”

Mississippi Rising Coalition President Lea Campbell, who helped organize Monday’s vigil, said the LGBT community is “heartbroken and shaken” over the violent loss of life in Orlando.

“The perpetrator of this expression of violent hatred wanted to instill in us fear by his violent actions,” Campbell said. “But we will not be afraid. We will grow stronger if we hold onto each other through the common bonds of humanity.”–The Sun Herald

Gulf Coast Vigil for Orlando Shooting Victims

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“As long as schools are funded by local property taxes and Mississippi stays as segregated as it is now, the future looks to be more of the same. More importantly, as long as Bryant is still the leader of our state, black children in majority-minority school districts will remain behind. ”  —Donald Brown, Mississippi native and Rhodes Scholar in his op-ed for the Clarion Ledger, May 30, 2106 

Blind leading oppressed

MRC President, Lea Campbell, and board member, Charlotte Ferguson, discuss transgender students’ rights and protections

LGBTQ rights are Civil Rights

“As a former Supreme Court justice and former member of the state Legislature, I watched in horror as Mississippi’s current elected officials put their stamp of approval on this blatantly discriminatory and clearly unconstitutional legislation.”–Oliver Diaz, former presiding justice on the Mississippi Supreme Court, is co-counsel for ACLU of Mississippi v. Judy Moulder, the federal lawsuit challenging House Bill 1523.

No Hate in Our State Rally and Unity Celebration, Bay St. Louis, May 16, 2016

The Sun Herald
Mississippi Rainbow Center President, Molly Kester, and Mississippi Rising Coalition Founder and President, Lea Campbell
The Sea Coast Echo
The Sea Coast Echo
CAYA Vice-President Laurianne Manchester
HRC Mississippi Advocacy Coordinator, Harry Hawkins
The Sea Coast Echo
John Perkins, President of CAYA, and Ocean Springs resident Chris Magee
BSL Mayor Les Fillingame
Ben Christmas of the Hancock County NAACP
Lea Campbell, MRC Founder and President
Molly Kester, President of the Mississippi Rainbow Center
Hancock County NAACP Vice-President Golden Fairconettue
Todd Allen, Advocacy Director for Mississippi ACLU
The Sea Coast Echo
Rochelle Harper and MRC Board member, Charlotte Ferguson


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