Our ability to reach our goals is directly related to our coalition members and the strength of our volunteer base. WE NEED YOU!  We are looking for volunteers who can donate their time, skills and ideas to our projects and campaigns. Sign up here, and we’ll find a way to use your unique talents.

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If you would like to contribute to our efforts and success by making a donation to Mississippi Rising Coalition, you may do so via the link below, or send your donation to Mississippi Rising Coalition, P.O. Box 1077, Ocean Springs, MS  39566.

No donation amount is too small. We are a 501c(3) charitable organization, and your donations are tax deductible.



If you or your organization share Mississippi Rising Coalition’s core values and vision for a just, equitable and thriving Mississippi, you can become a member. Individuals, businesses and organizations can attain membership status in MRC  and actively participate in MRC projects and campaigns.  There is no membership fee, and members vote on coalition matters, help with management of campaigns, provide expertise and/or support for projects and establish and amend the Coalition’s governance policies and procedures at quarterly and annual meetings.


  • Regular information on coalition related matters, events and relevant issues through email and membership meetings
  • Access to a broad network of like-minded individuals; ability to inform MRC campaigns and decisions through participation in Board meetings, annual meeting, quarterly meeting, and campaign/strategy meetings
  • Opportunity to learn from justice advocates working in different communities, on different issues, or from different backgrounds
  • Organization profiles on the MRC website
  • Access to Coalition Directory
  • Coalition assistance for networking and support for emerging initiatives
  • Opportunities for training in areas such as community organizing and advocacy.

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“We are advocates for the state of Mississippi, and our goal is for ALL citizens to thrive. We believe that when we come together to solve problems with open hearts and minds in a spirit of unity, equality and mutual regard, all of Mississippi will rise.”